Cocky Rocky

cocky rocky

Cocky Rocky rested on his chilling canopy,
The lights turned off from the inside
Yet the moonlight through the window boffed alongside.

Cocky Rocky saw the silky curtains move around
But the cunning wind that blew had no sound

Sleepless for two days in a row
He heard the fluttering wings of a crow
Whilst his eyes were morphing into his biggest foe
Cocky Rocky prepared himself for the soaring show

The music at the front started by a distinct percussion note
Sooner built up to sound like the motor of a fishing boat
Rasps and rumbles joined from behind
Cocky Rocky resolved the stage couldn’t be worse designed

For endless of tormenting nights
He listened to the same pious rites
The music that always postponed his counting of sheep
Is the one that Cocky Rocky heard before getting asleep

Fortunately that melody never lasted for long
Because his brother inevitably understood his conceited wrong
From the typewriter he parted his hands away
And woke their parents from their snoring fray

Not far away from the auspicious dawn
Cocky Rocky into his dreams has gone


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