A fool’s errand gone wrong

fools errand

As scared as a bunny in a foxhole, a short grey-bearded man slammed a big wooden door behind him, pushed his back to it and made a small sound like a sigh, then he gave a quick look around the chamber, his headquarter, and he leapt over a table looking intensely between the papers. He found a blank sheet and sat scrambly in his chair. Still deranged, he checked the inkbottle which turned out empty, he brought out a small knife from a drawer and cut his left palm without hesitation to the side of the sheet, after that he grabbed the quill in his right hand and he dipped it in the wound that he had just made.

“I, Kameel Eugenius, am writing this in my locked headquarter, and I don’t think I have enough time to remain sound and safe judging by the violent uproar outside.

I am in my right mind now, but I am not sure if my brain will remain inside my skull for long. As the mental physician in this facility, I’ll have to take responsibility for it. Why? ‘I feel like starting a riot’ one of my patients declared two weeks ago and I took his words lightheartedly. His name is Leo, and this is how it started out.
I saw the mayhem in the garden from the corridor’s window and I knew Leo was behind it, he looked euphoric among…”

The wild horde broke into the chamber adrenalized and they lifted Kameel above their heads and they started cheering and shouting repeatedly “Long live the Prince! Long live the Prince!”

Suddenly, they stopped and cried “Happy April Fools Day” and they swiftly put him back in his chair harmless and proceeded back to their victory garden, contended and overjoyed.


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